Best Star Clippers Travel Agent in UK

Star Clippers is a standout amongst the most Travel Agents in the United Kingdom. Star Clippers is putting forth a chance to cruise virtual tour of the present day world. Our Star Clippers give Cruise experience to you. Our administration can pull in the high-flying lifestyle experience. We give you an experience on the waves incorporate the climate and character of conventional cruising. Our little ship travels will give the chance to meet new individuals, see new places and, above all, and make the occasion knowledge of a lifetime. We offer to customers impartial and autonomous exhortation and offer selective Vacation Company rebates on every Star Clipper voyage that we offer.


Star Clippers three tall boats are for sharp mariners searching for a stand-out nautical experience. Clear skies, blue oceans and surging white sails signify a sentimental dream voyage. There’s a feeling of undertaking, excessively – however schedules are mapped out ahead of time, the Captain takes after the whim of the wind in terms of the real time you land in and leave from port. Adaptability and new encounters are what the Star Clipper armada is about. We works three cruising vessels, the Star Clipper, the Star Flyer and the leader, the Royal Clipper, the biggest completely fixed cruising ship in operation. The voyage line offers a remarkable journey experience, joining the conventions of the past with cutting edge solaces and civilities. Life on board a cruising boat speaks to dauntless explorers who are energetic to investigate unspoiled parts of the world in relative solace. Leave customary voyage conventions, for example, sprucing up for supper or unbending timetables to routine journey ships. Star Clippers’ armada of three vessels – the leader Royal Clipper, Star Clipper and Star Flyer – does simply that, and with extraordinary panache, on board a percentage of the speediest and biggest scissors delivers ever constructed.

Star Clippers is perceived as one of the debut forte voyage lines on the planet. Offering a novel cruising knowledge on board a ship that is reminiscent of the scissors of old, these boats are not at all like the vessels we know as contemporary “voyage boats.” Star Clipper Cruises are known for their warm and inviting air, the amazing consideration that their staff pays to detail, and the remarkable experience they offer as you cruise the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and over the Atlantic. As the administrators of three of the world’s biggest cruising vessels, Star Clippers brings travelers to places that bigger journey ships can’t arrive at, and likewise offers travelers the really interesting air, courtesies and exercises of a private yacht.

Star Clippers Special Offers an opportunity to voyage the Panama Canal not long from now, the century of what’s been appointed one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. This 10 day Sail & Stay event ready for four-fogged Star Flyer, will leave on 22nd November 2014.The boats have all the cutting edge solaces and enhancements that you would expect in the present day, however hold a sentiment reminiscent of the stupendous period of sail. For more information please visit

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