Thrilling tours of Star Clippers

Star Clippers offer a journey encounter that is similar to no other. In the event that you are searching for an experience on the waves which incorporates the climate and character of customary cruising yet with the solace and extravagance found on most advanced travels; you have arrived at the opportune spot. Our little ship travels will give the chance to meet new individuals, see new places and, above all, make the occasion knowledge of a lifetime.

Experience the wind in your hair and the high sodium wind in your face as you vacation on board what seems like your private luxury boat. Our veins give a significantly more personal expertise than you may hope to discover ready for modern trip lining, and while the environment you end up in look over to the vessels of the 19th millennium, the amazing, affable management will be close by to experience safe, wherever you are on the globe.

Our fleet is made up of three strikingly tall cruising boats which include a demeaner of style and tastefulness to any journey. These four and five-masted watercrafts truly do make an enduring impact on any individual who deals in them and will abandon you feeling nostalgic for the days when these sorts of vessels led the seas. Royal Clipper, the biggest of the three and the biggest boat of her kind is joined by Star Clipper and Star Flyer in offering tall boat travels to cruising and exploit devotees everywhere throughout the world.

Unwinding Yoga Cruises Over the last couple of years, Star Clippers has offered visitors free day by day yoga and contemplation on chose Yoga-themed sailings and we are arranging comparable voyages. Star Clippers works three cruising vessels, the Star Clipper, the Star Flyer and the lead, the Royal Clipper, the biggest completely fixed cruising ship in operation. The voyage line offers an interesting journey experience, consolidating the customs of the past with advanced solaces and comforts. Regal Clipper offers a definitive maritime experience, adjusting the loftiness, escapade and custom of cruising with the eminent administration, luxuries and facilities of the finest advanced yachts.

Star Clippers works three of the world’s biggest and tallest cruising vessels. Going by ports regularly untouched by bigger journey ships and offering travelers the exercises, for example, water games and plunging, luxuries and air of a private yacht, Star Clippers is perceived as one of the chief strength voyage lines. It is the exceptional fusion of cruising convention and lavish unwinding and liberality that is its substance. The setting of a grandly reminiscent Tall boat is an occasion for the individuals who look for a credible cruising undertaking without giving up familiar enjoyments.

Star Flyer and Star Clipper are glimmering white sister transports, each as agile as a swan. The glad, profound blue hulled Royal Clipper is an incomprehensible, five masted landmark to an alternate time and spot. But, each has each advanced solace and comfort to set aside a few minutes ready for positively huge, life confirming escapade.For more information visit the site .


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